Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving into Skur 49

The morning practice on Friday 27th will be dedicated to moving into Skur 49.
We're starting at Oslo Børsen (Body) at 07.30 with the first Form then walking to the roof of the Opera (mind/heart) for the second Form , then walking to Skur 49 (Spirit) for the third and final form for completion of entering the new center for practice. Everyone is warmly invited to join in for the opening of this new exciting period in the life of Norsk Taiji Senter.

The picture is taken from the roof of the Opera where we have been practicing every morning for the last couple of months.

Dugnad - bli med!

Dugnad begins after the practice and continues during the weekend from 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday into next week.

Please call Frode for updates.
Mob: 913 09 694