Friday, August 22, 2008

Norsk Taiji Senter at the ERAS Festival

It was a great joy and pleasure to join the colourful parade down the epic Karl Johan Street lørdag 16. august!!!

The parade started from Youngstorget and ended in front of the old University Buildings, bringing sounds and happy disturbance to the attractive show and walking area. We blended with music and dance performers from the Oslo Jazz Festival, and together with all the people representing cultural features of ethnical groups in Norway we were proudly beating our gong and holding our flag. Pamela, Erik, Erika, Frode and Jasminka had a presentation of the Taiji form in front of the old University, and later in the afternoon at the scene at Joungstorget Pamela, Erika, Bjerte and Jasminka performed a faster than usual improvised form, accompanied by music – a very pleasurable experience.

Cheers to the people from the ERAS festival that arranged this happy whole day event and to all the performers showing pearls of culture for us all!!! I stayed at Youngstorget until the evening, getting introduced to the dances and sounds of the different people, laughed a lot, danced a bit, and tried some delicious food. Join in for the next ERAS!

by Jasminka Markovska